Star Wars Tie Fighter and Lightsabers Webcams


Remember when LucasArts released the demo of TOE Fighter way back in the nineties? Well now you could get yourself a TIE Fighter webcam which looks too cool to believe it. You would also be pleased to know that there is also a Light Saber LED webcam that also look quite exciting.


Star Wars games has given rise to a number of cool accessories like these two and the list seems to grow continuously. Webcams no longer are perceived as an innocent gadget to see the other person across the computer, but has almost become a tool for all the sultry deeds one could imagine. I somehow can’t image either of these two webcams staring back at a hormone charged teenager while he/she gets busy in front of the camera.


Both the webcams come with 300,000 sensors, and also a built in microphone to assist in voice communication. It would also allow the user to avoid using too many jacks including one for the separate microphone. Like I mentioned earlier, there have been a number of gadgets inspired by the Star Wars and here is a list of Star Wars Gadgets we made some time ago. If you are particular about the TIE Fighter game, here is a TIE Fighter Replica too!

Via: Akihabara