Xbox 360 Controller Monitor Hack


If you are familiar with modders and the hacking world, you would know the maestro Ben Heck and now he has launched a new Xbox 360 Controller Monitor. The new style comes with indicators for the analogue sticks which would deliver you all the data you need while play testing. This new altered controller is being tested on Modern Warfare 2, Wolfenstein and also Mass Effect 2.

The controller itself looks rather bright and colorful and it would be a shame if this isn’t run on a large scale. Ben Heck reveals that he plans to do them on a larger scale only if there is sufficient interest. The controller monitor includes a wireless Xbox controller and a display board with LEDs which help the user know which button is being pushed. As the signals are buffered, data going back to the Xbox 360 would not be interfered.

I particularly like the idea that it can still support chargers, play adapters and other accessories. If you are interested in one of these monitors, you must perhaps contact Ben Heck himself. Xbox offers unlimited options for modders to create interesting stuff, as we have noticed all these years. The Xbox 360 with Built-in LCD Screen is a cool concept which may generate a lot of heat. The Xbox 360 Controller Atari Mod will surely leave everyone impressed!

Via: Ben Heck