Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 16

The Weekly Roundup is here again, and we at Walyou always try to mix it up with different cool posts we have stumbled, were tipped about or personally think are worth sharing.This roundup includes: a semi-nude Miss Pacman, Xbox 360 Mod, Hour Glass Watch, Zeebo Console, Watchmen Bear, Breadpod, Anime and Manga collection, Pacman Hair Clips, Jimi Hendrix Art, and much more.

We thank again to those that send us news tips of different new gadgets, cool designs, funny moments and other various posts. As we always want to provide a variety besides our own week’s “best of”, we hope you would continue to send tips to [email protected].


Enjoy the post roundup!


Hour Glass Shaped Digital Wristwatch


Xbox 360 Controller Monitor Hack


Zeebo Game Console


Watchmen Movie Bearbrick


Fun Video Game Classics Stop Motion Video


Top Anime and Manga Gadgets Collection


Pacman and the Ghosts Hair Clips


Jimi Hendrix Art Made of Cassette Tapes

Slagsmålsklubben: Red Riding Hood – Thanks Itamar for the link

Gadgets for all Kinds of Men

Pull Up Yoor Pants Day


Headphones Inspired by Favorite Songs

Where are they Now? The Michaelangelo Story

World’s Largest Model is Bigger than Your House

Periodic Table of Controllers

The Evolution of the Batman Icon

Van Gogh’s Wolverine