Poolside Beer Pong made easy with Pool Pong


Enjoying beer along Pool/Beach side is the most refreshing activity that we all look forward to in summers. Well,  the Poolside Beer Pong might just leave an ear-to-ear smile on your face for it can re-create the idea of beer-bong for you. The game and standard set of rules are same, its just that its inflatable and comes with a tote bag. If one still needed any confirmation about its credibility, let me tell you that this Poolside Pong bagged the first position at CNBC Million Dollar Ideas.

The hell of advantage here is that this lets you plat Beer Pong anywhere and everywhere. It is made from High Quality PVC Plastic so you don’t have to check if its really worth its price of $32. It ships with a regulation game play set up, a deflation and inflation nozzle and of course, the Tote bag. After having seen this, I wonder if you’d be able to imagine a top-notch beach outing without this one.

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