Disney’s Snow White Art on a Macbook Cover


If you were wondering what is common between the Apple company and fairy tale heroine Snow White, you might as well be forgiven. Here is an Apple Mac which has Snow White biting the ‘Apple’ on its cover and as someone decided to customize the MacBook in Disney style. While pun is certainly intended, Snow White from the Disney flick takes more than just a bite on the shiny MacBook cover and I must say it is quite eye-catchy.

Snow White was poisoned with the apple after she took a bite, and hence I wonder if this was the right way to customize the stylish Mac. Snow White certainly looks pretty; pretty enough for the evil step-mother to burn in jealousy and try to kill her again.

I would rather have seen an anguished and tormented Snow White biting the Apple, as an ode to the cooler movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror. The idea is not only cool, but has a charm that can’t easily be dismissed. Apple’s Mac is one of the most chic laptops of our generation and has inspired many artistic inspirations. You might also want to take a look at the Yarn Art Macintosh or count time with the Mac G4 Clock.


Via: Gizmodo