Canon DSLR USB Flash Drive


Every time I stumble upon a new USB flash drive, I am forced to say that this is probably the favorite gadget of all times, since it gets the maximum creative treatment. This particular Canon DSLR USB Flash Drive didn’t leave me disappointed.

Sporting a neat replica of Canon 5D Mark II digital camera, this flash drive will definitely surprise prolific photographers. No camera capabilities here, just 4GB space for your data. Leaving the camera lens apart, the rest of the body just acts as a cap. When you pull out the lens that where the USB connector is shown.

The maker who is user of Ebay, a guy called Rayhuen, is the same guy who early created and sold 2GB Flash drives in the shape of a Canon EOS 450D.  It was sold at almost$97 per drive. Yeah, the subtle hint behind using ‘sold’ was it is out of stock.So your next course of action should be to either trace other available sellers or simply sob or check other camera-replica goodies like the Camera Lens Calendar or Camera themed Sock.

Via: GadgetVenue Via: Geeky-Gadgets