Steve Jobs Plush Toy is Perfect for Apple Lovers


For all you Apple fans out there who wake up in the morning to Steve Jobs daily mantras, back him up on everything he states and does, and wait in the freezing cold for an iPhone 3G, then this plush toy could be your daily savior.

Steve Jobs, the narcissistic, genius, innovative and business savvy leader of Apple, could be your daily “go-to” guy personally. This cute Plush toy shows the charismatic leader in a way he probably hasn’t even thought of.


This plush doll is 17 inches tall and does actually resemble the famous Apple businessman: with the famous glasses, short hair, cropped beard and the frowning eyebrows to make you know you are doing something wrong. Although this could be seen as a great replica…it does miss one important thing: It does not talk, and we all know Steve Jobs can talk.

In case you are still interested in Mr. Jobs as a buddy, he could be yours for $28.


Via: GeekyGadgets