Cross Stitch Tetris Magnets


There has been plenty of cross stitch art patterns done before, but this colorful Tetris blocks one provides practical refrigerator magnets as its backing.


Created by Jenna Dickes at Etsy’s, these beautiful Tetris magnets are only $6.75 for a set of 5 and are cross stitched and let you remember the classic Tetris game every time you go grab a bite to eat from the fridge. You collect a few and play the game in the morning, challenge yourself to make actual combos and perhaps even reward or punish yourself if not enough points are gained. Maybe this would be a cool way for people to go on a diet..who said gaming helps you put on a few pounds?

I am certain that many avid old school Tetris fans would come up with problems with the colors for each pattern, but live and let live..the concept is pretty cool.


Speaking of the refrigerator, you could also make Tetris ice with the Tetris ice cube tray or have your gamer’s lunch with the Tetris Bento box.


Via: 7 Gadgets