Poetry Reading Rolling Clock


“Time is money” they say, and that concept has resulted in the modern world’s crazed approach towards saving time and hurrying up to finish things on time. People just can’t stop checking time every other minute, which ultimately leads to stress related disorders. With that in mind, Buro Vormkrijgers has designed an almost poetic clock called “About Time” which seeks to bring back the laidback atmosphere in the office.


The clock slowly moves around the desk and reveals the time in poetic words and normal parlance, just as a person on the street would say “It is nearly four o’clock” or “it is just about to be ten”. This informal way of revealing the time removes the numerical factor associated with time and thus reduces the users’ stress levels and allows them to almost forget time for a while.


The clock is minimalist, comes in black color and is available for only $229. It features a high definition quartz movement. The package also includes batteries and a manual. This is one of the more interesting clocks I have come across Online. If you were looking for more clock designs that are just out of ordinary, you must try and read about the Nixie Tube Clock Kits, which have a charm of their own!