Alarm Clock Charges Money to Turn Off


Banclock is an interesting alarm clock design which also looks quite appealing. The clock’s alarm can be turned off only when you drop coins into the slot which can be found on its top surface. The clock not only helps you wake up on time, but also helps you develop the habit of saving money and utilizing it in a sensible way. Each Banclock comes with a bright red digital display which reveals the alarm time and of course the time & date.

The 5 control buttons are located at the right side and the design is super minimalist. This design is available in bright blue, fiery red, placid white and exciting yellow. It would actually be a great idea to buy all the four colors as it would be nice to see your clock changing colors everyday. The Banclocks are powered by 3 AA batteries and cost $53.03, and I personally would love to have one of these waking me up every morning!

Alarm clocks have always inspired the most ingenious ideas. If you were a fat slob, you might want to take a look at the Dumbell Weights Alarm Clock. If you are a tense, wrought and frustrated bundle of nerves, you could find a release for your pent up emotions with the Smash Alarm Gadget. I guess alarm clocks are more than just that; they reveal the person you truly are!