Skull Art: Down to Earth


Vegetarians for long have claimed the health benefits of subsisting on greens and roots, and meat eaters have lived with the guilt of desiring flesh but being able to eat with a clear conscience. One such person is Jud Turner (thanks to Jud Turner for additional images of his artwork) who certainly seems to regard vegetarians with contempt and horror. He is a professional sculptor who has created the ghastly “Eat your veggies (so that one day the veggies may eat you)”.

However, he might have meant the eventual burial of living people and plants growing around one’s body, in a twisted sort of sarcasm.

The sculpture appears to show what happens if one continues to eat greens and vegetables, the result being you turning into a skeleton enveloped by scary green foliage. This is certainly not what many parents want their children to see, as kids just don’t eat veggies, and such a sculpture would make all the kids ask for a second serving of rich red meat.


On the contrary it could also have the opposite effect of people finding the sculpture so cool and hence would begin eating more veggies than ever before! If you like morbid art like this, you would also like Jud Turner’s other art works like the Terminator Bike, Yin Yang Art and also the Internal Combustion Engine Art. Coming back to vegetables, I wonder if the plants will have their revenge on veggie chomping zombies ever!