GM Segway Scooter PUMA is a Beautiful Sight


GM has joined forces with the infamous Segway Scooter to create a new Segway car that provides an efficient, portable and comfortable vehicle for today’s congestion and rising gas prices.


The GM Segway is a compact electric vehicle that is definitely designed for an innovative world which is to be named P.U.M.A, short for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility. You think they tried to make the name extremely practical?

Early design sketch of PUMA Project prototype

Besides looking extremely innovative and fun, the new PUMA GM Segway envisions a vehicle communication, allowing it to interact with the other Segways on the road. Hopefully such a collaboration could reduce any mishaps from these upgraded bumper cars.


Having a new vehicle on the road may scare some, but this is truly compact and lightweight, as the mere 300 pound prototype illustrates. It is an electric vehicle as already familiar for Segway owners, includes a lithium Ion Battery providing a 35 mile trip on one charge and balances on two wheels as the fun scooters revolutionized previously. In addition, it consists of two electric motors, which should provide up to 35 miles per hour. It may not be as fast as we are accustomed to, but those who will look for such vehicles are probably interested in other things besides speed only.


An official price was not yet provided, but a rough estimate to increase the hype said that total costs (including insurance, maintenance, etc) should be approximately a fourth of what accustomed with regular daily vehicles. Now that is a major plus, both with the financial crisis and the high gas prices.


The GM Segway communication includes a built in GPS system, so this new vehicle would actually be able to navigate itself and know beforehand about obstacles in the road. This in fact also allows a reduced rate of accidents, which is a healthy addition for any driver.


Currently, there is only the prototype images and video of the GM Segway to look for, for no production or release has been determined yet.


Via: Huffington Post and Jalopnik