Tetris Blanket Craft


You can never deny the addictive ingredient in the classic Tetris game, and if it is causing you a lack of sleep, perhaps the Tetris blanket can put you at ease by letting you stay close to all the colorful blocks…even while away from your TV and gaming console.


This beautiful craftwork of the Tetris blanket created by Cislyn Smith is one for the books. She has recreated the famous Tetris bricks with the different shapes, sizes and colors into a full sized blanket. When asked about this project, she mentioned:

I’m now done with all the colors other than black (108 colored squares) and I’m working on filling in the top of the board, before I piece it all together. It will be 200 squares total, which is to-scale for a tetris board.

Wow…a full Tetris board blanket to fill up your bedroom, sofa and be able to keep you warm at night. Great inspiration and artwork.


My hat’s off to you Cislyn, thank you so much for the insight and images.