Computer Keyboard Ctrl Alt Del Pillows


When computers were not as ubiquitous as they are today, people hardly knew how to get rid of a non-responding program. After many trials and errors, they figured out pressing control, alt, and del together helped them get rid of the program that was stuck. Now since everyone knows how to do that simple task, the command has entered the bedrooms with the Ctrl – Alt – Del Pillow Set.

When you have a fight or a squabble with your bed fellow, you would know how to avoid the ‘hang ups’. You would just need to get yourself this cute set of pillows which would help you to undo the hang ups caused by you or your partner in the bedroom. Even if there aren’t any such problems, these pillows are certainly funny and worth buying just for the sake of some twisted humor.

If you thought this was the only gadget that was inspired by that famous and most basic computer command, you would really like the Ctrl Alt Del Gadget we had featured sometime ago. Make sure you have these pillows in your guest room as well, for you never know how annoying your guests might turn out to be, and the pillows shall always come to your rescue with their cuteness and charm, and of course the hidden humor within them.

Via: SwissMiss