USB Flash Drive Tie


If you ever been caught without your USB drive during a business lunch or meeting, then this cool USB Tie concept may be just the thing you need.

Based on the dialog05, there is a reasoning behind such a classic tie design:

what’s the best way to make business contacts – at a power lunch, during small talk or even during a power nap? always ready to receive.
let’s connect!

At first glance, this Tie design may seem like a totally practical concept, but then you think…isn’t that what most USB flash drives supposed to be? Convenient and practical. In all actuality, USB flash drives could connect to your keychain, be in your wallet and come in so many varieties to make sure you don’t forget them for your business lunch. With this one, you get all that, and a tight noose, I mean Tie, to go around your neck.

I don’t know about you, but I will stick to the regular USB.

Via: InspireMeNow