Funny IM Buddy List


Most of us use some form of an IM application to keep in touch with our friends, acquaintances, business colleagues, etc, and many times add it with so many people who we can’t even remember who they are, where we know them from or what connection they have with us. That is why the honest IM buddy list was made to make it a little more real.

This funny IM list is not any new application, plugin or download but simply an idea of how to name all your contacts in the most honest possible way. It doesn’t have to use this exact words or phrases, but after a few names, you will probably get the point.It made me laugh, like the hilarious Santa Claus Gmail account.

The ideas provided in this Instant Messenger windows vary but some examples are: “Girl You Want to Bang”, “Guy Who IM’s a Stupid Link and Logs Off”, “Friend You Haven’t Spoken with for Four Years” (it is great they are still only one ping away), “Another Girl You Want to Bang”…you get the drift.

This new naming ability is in your own hands with your own creativity and could actually make your messenging life a lot more efficient. Just think about it, you know exactly what each person is good for, what they bring to the table and what you want from them…sounds efficient and time saving to me.

I’m certain many IM users have already made their own ways of naming their contacts and friends in the most absurd, funny and creative ways…and we want to see your IM list (no need for email addresses and actual usernames). If you have a creative list that you think would make a person laugh, send it over; we would love to show the world the deranged minds on the IM trail.

Via: HolyTaco