The LED Watch Without a Face


Like they say, all that one needs to do in order to look the best is to dress down. This also includes accessories like watches. Hironao Tsuboi and Japanese Studio 100% have collaborated to create the Faceless Watch. The watch is an example of Japanese minimalism and sophistication and the extent they can go, in order to create an aesthetic product that is unsurpassed.


The design is ultra minimalist and almost looks just like a bracelet. The Faceless Watch has LED situated between the links within the bracelet and when it is a certain time, it simply glows in order to reveal time in numbers. The watches will soon be available and would be manufactured in silver. There is no information about either the price or the location of availability.


Watches are quite reflective of a person’s personality. If you like a minimalist and chic watch like the one here, it only suggests a refined sense of aesthetics and taste. Better yet, it is available for only $15.


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Via: Fubiz