Guten Touch Interactive Surface [Must See Video]


There are so many Interactive Surfaces that have surfaced [no pun intended] throughout the last few years but the Guten Touch kind of makes them all look a little amateur.


As can be expected, the Guten Touch interactive surface is a highly interactive screen with many different visuals, features and abilities that are really open to imagination; it is all based on your touch.


From the page:

Designed for the Red Bull Music Academy 08, Guten Touch is an interactive art installation that involves people into a natural relationship with technology. A two projected displays system plus a 3m x 2m multitouch wall showcase applications designed to engage us into human friendly experiences rather than flashy and jaw-dropping

After you watch this amazing video, additional ones are available at the Chunnel, or you can watch some previous interactive concepts that have entertained us previously. For example, the Michael Jackson Billy Jean floor, the Traffic Light Meters, or even the Interactive Business Card. Enjoy!

Thank you Carrie for the info.