Puff-The Magic Dragon: Firefighting Arduino Robot


If you can actually keep a watch on the pulse of blogsphere, you would have realized that high-tech stuff just keeps pouring in. Such is the volume that you actually think of emailing God and asking Him if you could get all the time in the world to know it all. But yet, hacked gadgets laced with great mechanics grab your attention in no time. This is what exactly happened to me when I first saw Puff, the Magic Dragon the arduino Robot project.


The Arduino Robot is from the fire-fighter league and sports a witty combination of sensors and motors. It exhibits human-alike attribute of Fight or Flight which makes gives it a edge amid other stuff. The fire fighting robot would have looked half-charming without the sticker job. Check out the videos that shows how it functions in “Fight” and “Flight” mode. The brain behind this is Gareth and this is a part of his Electronic hobby projects.

Via HackedGadgets