USB Flash Drive Recycle Bin


The recycle bin may be the first source to delete files and software from your desktop, but what if there was an external USB trash can concept?

Another great USB design from Dialog5, such as the USB tie design, that brings the ever so popular USB drive into the real world. In this new design, it combines it with the recycle bin we see on our computer desktops but as a garbage can in the real world.

It states:

plastic, steel and glass. where should the data go? an icon regains its physical form.

I look at it as another way for us to get rid of files, music or videos when we are going through our daily lives. Just as regular garbage cans surround us, so we could get rid of waste and allow a proper recycling regime, this fun concept could also be used to erase things from your USB flash drive. But what good would it be without the possibility to fill that empty space back up?