Run Away Alarm Clock Gives You a Run for Your Money


With so many different alarm clocks that are made, how can we get one that actually gives us a run for our money…in other words, really does its job and gets us out of bed?

The run away alarm clock, also known as Clocky, aims to do just that. It is a cool looking alarm clock with wheels that runs away from you after you press the snooze, hoping for some peace of quiet. Now we all know that snooze button is just a procrastination button, and other have also gotten used to simply pressing it again once the 9 minutes are up. I actually know a few who go through this ordeal every morning and take approximately 5 snooze sessions to finally decide it is time to get up.

Clocky will jump right off of your nightstand and hide away from your lazy hands. This means, if you hoped that you could just press snooze again, like you usually do with the alarm clocks, then think again. Now you must get out of bed, or once the predetermined snooze time is up…the alarm clock will keep whining, until you physically turn it off.

This is what I call a fun and practical alarm clock that definitely gives you a run for it…literally. The Chrome version goes for $60 while the regular variety of colors is $50.

Have fun waking up!