The Real Disk On Key


ByAmt has designed the Cle USB, which is thedisk on key to all your nerdy requirements, in a figurative sense. These Cle USB devices have a soft off white color and a USB plug at the end. The devices look almost artistic and the soft colors and designs make the Cle USB one of the more romantic and tender USB gadgets I have ever come across.

Cle, means ‘key’ in French and this certainly could be the key to a nerdy heart. Hence, if you are seeking to win the heart of a nerd or a geek, use this as a gift to enamor your geeky lover. Surprisingly, the Cle USB is not just a file storing device, but it also doubles up as a fashion accessory.

If you are a nerdy woman or a flamboyant man, you can wear the device as a stylish pendant around your neck. You could also try wearing them as earrings and the possibilities are endless. USB devices certainly have graduated from being boring pen drives and flash drives to something cool and hip. The USB Tie Design lets you wear a business class tie and yet be prepared for the file sharing event at a business meeting. The Guitar Key Design is something that music lovers would not be able to resist.


Via: Unplggd