PSP 5.50 Firmware Update Download Available Now


PSP fans can be excited about the new PSP 5.50 firmware update which is ready to download now (official site download link below).

Some of the new features updates for the new PSP 5.50 firmware version include:

Information Board XMB Interface, which was already seen on the PS3 2.70 firmware update. This new addition lets users receive updated information, PSP news, and other details about the Playstation Network including updates of Playstation Home. In order to stay current with all the information you can simply log on with your PSP using a local WiFi connection. Moreover, you could also search for PSP games right from the XMB using the Internet.

In addition, the Memory Stick now has added options, such as creation of new folders and sub categories, so you can organize all your PSP videos, games, music and images you have been storing.

There are also added security features in the new PSP 5.50 firmware…as a trial. These include protection of personal details or lock areas from children access.

Playstation promises great new features will continually be added, but in the meantime, you can download the PSP 5.50 firmware update at their site.

31 thoughts on “PSP 5.50 Firmware Update Download Available Now

  1. robert.

    what version is reqquired to play tekken 6? i have 3.71 m33-2. can i still play iso/cso format games? i just wanna play tekken 6 in my psp. 😀

  2. Darkfirex2.

    i have version 3.80 m33-5 when i download games to memory 8 gigs its tell me incorrect parameters. and when i download game and go to my psp to find them its tell me there is error the message (the game could not be started (80020148) …any body tell me wt is the problem plz or advise me for a good cfw!! please.

  3. kefah.

    this firmware totally sucks
    i mean come on man
    saps you the ability to play iso/cso games
    not worth it
    if any one know how to make it play those games i would truly be grateful

  4. don.

    i downlod latest version 5.50, i could play games for while. but later it was gone. i thought it was deleted later i found it wasnt deleted, the latest didnt let me play.

  5. GapDiaz.

    which do you prefer version 5.50 or 5.03?
    base on your comments it seems that the version 5.50 is not advisable to use.
    anyways, havent tried this new version yet and i won’t take any chances of converting it if these are true.

  6. ***NIGHTMARE-REX***.

    it is a OFW witch locks homebrews and ISO/CSO and POPS. if you updated youre 3000 the only thing you can do with it is smash it or pay billions of $ to sony for games.

  7. ebola.

    my problem is same as red, i couldn’t play the file that had .cso or .iso extention, i wonder how we could fix it?

  8. jay.

    it was corrupted because the software of the psp were gone. Mine has gone too. i recommend that not to upgrade to this ver.

  9. red.

    when i updated my psp in the version of 5.50 all of my games in the version 3.71 m33-2 where corrupted..anyone know how to fix this problem?..

  10. Mr.X.

    This update WILL NOT delete your games, I have downloaded it on my psp and have several games and demos on my memory stick and DID NOT deleted any single one of them.


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