Car Lighter Turned USB Charger is a Stroke of Genius


In this time and age, I believe that most of us use a USB powered gadget a lot more than that car lighter that used to get us so excited as kids. For that, a great new car gadget was created that combines the two into something a lot more practical.

Unless you are a heavy smoker and living on the road, that car lighter that comes in practically every car is not used much (if ever). Since most of our gadgets, cellphones, and more are actually powered by USB, then the Micro Auto Charger from Belkin is a stroke of genius and is only $14.99.

It is an adapter that goes into the car lighter socket and provides you instead with a USB port charger. How does that sound? Can you think of a few advantages? Less chargers to carry around or no more crying about the cellphone’s battery running out when you most needed it are a few easy benefits I can think of, but I guess you will start complaining that you don’t have a lighter for your cigarette.

Via: Switched