How To Get a Free Palm Pre


In what could be considered as a free feedback mechanism, Palm is luring fanboys and skeptics across Web V2.0 to provide their reviews by giving away a free Palm Pre. The company seeks people who use cellphones consistently to provide their opinions about Palm phones and communicate with the company and social networking sites in order to let them know what the advantages and disadvantages of using Palm phones are.

You have nothing to lose either; just answer a few questions at their Blog, write demo reviews, and if you are chosen, you would get the Palm phone as a reward. The “Real Reviewers” will need to write their opinions and feedback in just under 140 characters and submit it across blogosphere, social networks and wherever else you could find some space.

In return, you would get the current model of Palm phone with six months of data plan service for free. The company is inviting everyone from all walks of life, and it shouldn’t matter if you are a veteran Palm smartphone user or a newbie. It also doesn’t matter if you like it or hate it, and all they want is some honest reviews done so that they can receive good feedback. There is a catch though. you ought to be 18 years and above and a U.S. citizen.