Sleeping Problems Solved with Sleeptracker Elite Watch for Him and Her


If you suffer from sleeping problems and cannot seem to wake up refreshed every morning (or ever), then the new Sleeptracker Elite watch may be a viable solution that is also fashionably sane.

As previously visited, the Sleeptracker watch hopes to solve your sleeping problems by granting you a good night sleep. It does so in a most convenient way by simply asking you when you need to wake up and alarming you when you are most rested. The way such a thing works practically is a lot more involved, but the idea is easy to understand and logically makes a lot of sense.


The Sleeptracker watch is a new wristwatch which is designed to track your sleeping patterns. Throughout a sleep term, there are a number of different times when you are in deep sleep and also when you are near a waking state. Since this sleep solution tracks your individual pattern, it knows when you personally are in the deepest sleep and when you are also able to wake up refreshed (since you are close to a wide awake state).

The user schedules a time to wake up, including a window surrounding that specific time. Sleeptracker studies your sleep and rings within that window, right at the moment you are closest to the great waking state. For example, if you want to wake up at 7:30am (at the latest), you can set the alarm for 7am with a window of 30 minutes. The watch alarm will ring between 6:30-7:30 am, when it notices your most comfortable time to wake up is. If you are somewhat skeptical, you may recall many times during your life when you woke up without the alarm, or woke up with less hours than intended to sleep but feeling more refreshed; there are simply better times to wake up than others, and the Sleeptracker delivers those better times.


We have been fortunate to try out an older model of the Sleeptracker and were amazed at its efficiency. Now, with the new Elite models available in fashionable designs for him and for her, it is not longer just a sleep aid but an actual fashion wristwatch that could be worn at all times and make a great Mother’s day gift or occasional gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you want to get a better rest, and you are looking for a simple way that actually makes sense, then this cool watch may serve you right. It could make a great present for practically anyone from students to executives, and they can finally get some worthy sleep.


The Elite, Pro and Standard Sleeptracker models have different looks and features. To see the entire collection, read some more info and see them side by side, you can checkout the chart or get one for yourself for Men or for Women.