Screaming Skull LED Straw


Do you have a child at home who is a reluctant milk drinker? Well, this straw will surely make your kids ask for more milk and juices. Kids will simply love this weird Screaming Skull Straw. The skull straw literally comes to life and screams whenever kids sip from the twister straw.

With flashing red eyes & mouth and monstrous screams, this skull LED straw is a must buy product especially if you have little monsters back home waiting for new and exciting product every day. This will surely have them excited for weeks and months, and it can be unlimited drinking fun for the kids for a change.

These straws are due to be released on April 30th Priced at approximately $8 and may ordered and reserved. Knowing techno-savvy geeky kids love for such products, it will surely get sold-out soon. Do book in advance for your little monsters.