Geeky NES Controller Tattoo


I sometimes wonder at the ingenuity of geeks who have gone to such lengths to advertise their affiliations and preferences to other nerds. Take for example this cool NES Controller Tattoo that comes with all the details including the two red buttons. For once, I shall have to admire the person who is wearing this tattoo as it is not everyday you come across people that have the courage to reveal their geekhood in public.

In fact, if you were to study in an upmarket school, you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing anything that is so geekish. It is the equivalent of wearing a rainbow tattoo on your body and walking freely all around the place! Thus, this guy might encourage other geeks in closet to come out, and accept and reveal their true gaming orientations and their secret geekhoods which they would otherwise not reveal in fear of being seen as weird or idiosyncratic.

I would have liked to see the tattoo on the neck, as that would be a better place to wear a tattoo that is rectangular in shape. If you are totally into tattoos, you would know that this isn’t the first time someone has gotten themselves a gaming tattoo. You should check out the rocking Guitar Hero Tattoo and also the  Geeky Ms. Pacman Head Tattoo isn’t a bad one either!