Mac Keyboard Jewelry


Geekhood does not come easily and one needs to work towards it. There is nothing geekier than owning a Mac and loving it. All the Mac lovers become geeks by default and if they need to become something different from the rest of them, they would again need to prove they are different either in their actions or in their appearances.

If one chooses the latter, there are actually a number of ways by which one can look geekish and cool at the same time. MAC ware is a series of jewelry and accessories specially designed for those who love Apple’s Mac.


You could check out the cool Mac Keyboard Cufflinks, MAC Keyboard Keychains, MAC Keyboard Necklaces and other forms of jewelry. Each type of jewelry comes in different styles and the buyer will be at a loss as he or she would not be able to decide easily. These products would actually go well with casual ware and hence could be a nice way to make your presence felt when you are with your friends.


I somehow cannot recommend these to the office as you may look a little unprofessional. As discussed earlier, Mac has inspired a number of jewelry and accessories. You could check out the previous entry about Mac Jewelry, which is quite cool in fact. If you are tired of all the jewelry, take a look at the Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.

Via: Geekware