Evil Dead Crochet Doll of Ash


Evil Dead 2 was my favorite from the series of Horror flicks, but the character of Ash with the chainsaw is one for the books. We see the angry and funny character visit us again in the great crochet doll craft.

After seeing the Evil Dead movies, you can always feel bad for Ash, for all he has been through, but rest assured he feels good with the chainsaw. True, he didn’t have it for Evil Dead 2 or the first film, but he seems to have managed better when he just knew he is bound for the horrific glory.

This great Ash crochet doll really makes us see Ash as he is: bloody, somewhat composed and also bad ass. For those that haven’t seen the flicks, you should definitely check out all three: Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and also Army of Darkness, which I feel the last two were pretty funny.

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Via: Cakeyvoice