New Wolverine Superhero is Jewish


Wolverine could easily be termed as the best hero and protagonist we have seen lately in popular culture. Being a mutant himself, he has enhanced physical prowess and extreme capabilities that normal humans do not have. Though new Wolverine has a huge fan following, his religion has always been quite questionable and enigmatic.

This guy here seems to suggest that Wolverine is Jewish and a very cool one at that! With that cool costume and the typical arm, this Jewverine seems to be satisfied as we can see the smirk on his face. What really is funny is the cut-out Star of David that he has pasted on his chest in order to emphasize his religion. I only wish his costume had the star in a less artificial way than pasting it in a clumsy manner. Perhaps he could get it cloth stitched into the costume!

I somehow do not understand why he had to do a parody of Wolverine this way, though parodies are always welcome especially when it comes to Wolverine. The claws look quite funny too and I wish he wore them on the right hand as well! Could he turn out to be the greatest hero we have ever seen on our consoles? Again, his smirk seems to indicate that he knows something that we do not know.

Via: Geek Stir