Geeky Star Trek Wall Clock is Perfect for Trekkers


Star Trek is the single most popular and mass culture entertainment series that it has grown on generations of people. Due to its popularity, one can expect a number of products and merchandise dedicated to the fans of the Star Trek. At every other corner shop Online, you would definitely get to buy gadgets and products that have an element of Star Trek in them. Perhaps it is the innate need to travel in the Space that makes people love the Star Trek Gadgets.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting Star Trek Clock that comes with twelve vintage classic action fleet micro machine starships. You could use this clock and hang it on the wall, only to ruminate yourself being transported in one of those vintage starships to an alien world filled with macabre beings. You can also expect to fins cool warships and other vessels to depict the 12 points of a clock.

The Star Trek Clock is hand crafted and hand finished, adding a touch of personal feel to it. It comes in black and silver pewter colors. The Star Trek Clock has been created by YOUgNeek and each clock has been designed differently. If you have something in your mind, you could get it custom ordered. The Star Trek Clock costs $109.99 and above.

Via: Geeky Gadgets