Ferrari 250 GTO by Lego Technic


If you are crazy about cars and especially Ferrari, you would know that Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the coolest and most fiery race car to have blazed the laps. Here is a LEGO version of the same car and it even comes with a fully functioning steering wheel and genuine suspension traits.

If that is not all, the LEGO Technic has replicated the V12 along with a 3 speed gearbox. Though it may not be an extra-ordinary achievement, the efforts to create a curvaceous vehicle using LEGO blocks is not an easy task. You would be convinced of the LEGO Ferrari 250 GTO’s importance once you take a look at the front of the car which is as curvaceous as any model can get. I also like the way the redness accentuates the whole body to create a sense of speed and recklessness.

It is a shame that Legos toys can’t be driven the same way as a real one could be, and it is also sad that we can’t even build a model like this at home in spite of having all the LEGO building blocks one may need. It needs something called expertise, which comes to very few people. If you were one of those, it would be great to see another LEGO Ferrari! The Ferrari Segway isn’t a bad idea either, if you can handle unconventional models.

Via: Gizmo Watch