Ducati Motorcycle RC Gadget


RC Gadgets have been one of the best forms of entertainment we guys have ever known. However, the problem with R/C bikes always has been the inability of these toys to balance properly. They either keep falling over or skidding which ultimately leaves you frustrated and bored.

However, these Ducati R/C motorcycle with Leaning Rider is a welcome change and it not only balances well, but also does so with a cool rider on it. The animated rider leans and turns his head, and his weight causes the bike to turn and sway to the corners. The red bike and the red suited rider look damn cool and it would be such fun to play with the bike when you are bored. The toy comes packed with technology and it balances itself well thanks to Auto Stable Technology.

If you charge for 20 minutes, you can have a race time of about 6 minutes. You would also need not worry about assembling it after getting the package as it is all fully assembled and you get all that is required like the motorcycle, rider, controller and charger in one compact box. All that would now need to do is spend $60 at ThinkGeek.com and have a great time. The Ducati R/C Motorcycle must be the best way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon or even have some fun with your friends when they come over.