Segway Scooter for Kids by Dareway


When you went around stomping on your Segway, your kid might have been envious and wanted something similar. While Segways are not exactly designed for little kids, older kids can certainly use them if their legs are long enough. For the younger ones, here is a duplicate called the Dareway.

It is specifically designed for kids and seems like a good gift idea for your child. However, the word ‘dare’ in the Dareway may make you cringe and wonder what the kid must dare about, if he were to play with this cool looking toy. It runs on a 12v rechargeable battery and is operated by a motor. All that the kid has to do is use the foot accelerator to move forward and backward and use the thumbs to steer it around. This could turn you into the ‘best parent’ overnight in the eyes of your child.

However, do make sure you are around at least during the initial few days so that nothing goes wrong when your kid is playing with the Dareway. Segway Scooters have long been a source of joy. The way you can move around uninhibitedly without having to bother about driving or riding is something that is unique to this vehicle. While these have been enjoyed for so long by adults, I guess Dareway paves the way for kids being able to have some fun too!

Via: Coated