Delete Key Fly Swatter Helps Erase Annoying Flies


For all the geeks that would love to kill annoying flies, the Delete Key fly swatter may be the best product which also provides a way to erase the annyoance.

We all know how frustrating flies could be when you are trying to concentrate on yoru daily tasks or simply want some peace and quiet. Instead of just using a regular fly swatter, the Delete key designed one is a perfect way to show your loyalty to geekiness and also erase your enemy.

This fly swatter comes in choice of either black or ivory, so even its color resembles a computer keyboard. Next thing they need to come up with is the Ctrl Alt Del fly swatter…perhaps you would be able to kill 3 flies with one try.

Each one costs $7.99 at PerpetualKid and could be the greatest Geek weapon ever.