Steve Jobs Apple Font Art Design


This is a great display of a font art creation of the Apple leader Steve Jobs that was made of actual common Apple font.

We have seen some great font art creations made before that displayed great art pieces made of typical fonts, but this Steve Jobs portrait actually has a reason behind the words used.

Based on the artist Dylan Roscover:

This is a typeface-driven design based on the “Here’s to the crazy ones” ad campaign from Apple in the 90s, using Motter Tektura, Apple Garamond, Myriad, Univers, Gill Sans, and Volkswagen AG Rounded, fonts present in Apple branding and products.

It is a cool looking image, and it is awesome that there is reasoning behind the use of words. Jay Z Brooklyn Go Hard also has reason behind the entire font made music video, but it reuses the word “Brooklyn” in different ways to create the artwork.

Via: the Awesomer