Diesel Watch Without a Face


If you are intending to buy a cool geeky stylish but different kind of wrist watch then Diesel Watch Without a Face might interest you. Yes, Diesel DZ9044 doesn’t have a face, a dial on top. It actually seems that a black polished blank stainless steel plate is staring at you. A watch cannot get cooler than this!

This Diesel watch has in fact four analog dial clocks which can be set to different time zones. But guess where they are? No, the blank top doesn’t open and they are not hiding in there. The four clocks are on the sides of the blank top. So you can actually pretend to see time by staring at the blank surface and fool your friends.


Don’t want to stare at the blank? One can always decorate blank top with some art or sticker. This trendy watch with a choice of either brown or black leather band comes for $365. This one will definitely catch eye-balls and give you a chance to show-off.  The watch also gives an eerie feeling of presence of timeless blank zones.

Via Coated and TechChee