Electric Rubber Duckie Helps Ernie Kill Himself


Ernie would roll in his grave (if he was dead) if he saw this electric Rubber Duckie on the shelves. It is a fake product, but the concept is more than morbid.

For those who like to end their lives in a cleaner and somewhat childish and playful way, this Rubber Duckie is a way to make waves…electric waves. It comes stamped with approval of the maker and even a warning note on the back stating: “Please make sure you have made the right decision”.

I am not sure what about this product disturbs me more: the act of suicide with a child Rubber Duckie or the thought of someone coming up with such a fake product. It is absurd by funny in a twisted black humor kind of way. Kind of reminds me of the Hanging Man Lamp, Noose Lamp and the Bloody Bed Pillow which all raise the same question.


Via: Geekologie