The Ultimate Hamburger Cake and Fries


Sometimes you might have wished your chocolates to taste like potato chips and some other food to taste in a drastically different manner. The same way, here is a cake that looks like a hamburger. If you think it is a hamburger and expect to taste meaty layers of fat and cheese, spices and celery, you would be surprised to taste all the cake, icing and fondant. The cake was found at the state fair competition in North Carolina. I guess this would be a great lesson to those who preach low fat and low carb diets.

Such people have traumatized people with all the trivia about how hamburgers can contain oodles of calories and cholesterol while cakes are just as bad. This is a tongue in cheek reply to those nutritionists who have made many a girl’s life a living nightmare. If only people would come forward and start binging on yummy delicacies like this once in a while, perhaps they would even be blessed with a better sense of humor and that might cause the world to be a better place to live in.

Just a simple cake from Bunch of Pants’ that looks like a hamburger could turn me so optimistic, and I am sure you would have liked the idea of a certain food looking like a different food product to confuse yourself taste buds and that of others. Here is another Hamburger Bed Design which seems to mock at dieticians and vegetarians together. However, the Knitted Cheeseburger comes without calories or cholesterol and might appeal to others.