Fight Allergies with the SneezerBeam Gadget


Allergic geeks certainly wish for a gadget that would stop those non-stop sneezes and relieve blocked nasal cavities. Their wish seems to be granted. Here is a SneezerBeam gadget. And what does it do? Well, insert this device into nostrils and let the light beams fight all those allergy symptoms.

Hope this miracle of a health device will work when most medicines fail to give instant relief from allergies and sneezes. Though not much is mentioned about side effects and the type of light (UV, laser etc) these beams consist of. But it does seem to be harmless gadget. After all light beam does release some heat energy which will anyway help clear the blockages. The device it seems actually blocks the release of histamines which are main triggers of irritating allergic conditions.

If you are prone to dust allergy, hay fever and other types of allergy, order one of these gadgets today. At least it should give you some instant relief if not long term cure. Also the light beam and gadget  in the nostril will make one look like a scary cool geek!

Via Switched