World’s Smallest NES is Made from Lego


This NES Lego creation could really be declared as the world’s smallest NES ever to surface our gaming world.

You could really say that this Lego art made by Arkov defines a different gaming niche, combining the gamer’s life with an actually creative suite. Instead of just playing games and wasting time, a person could actually create things from Legos toys and still show the love for the consoles.

Unfortunately, in the end, you have a tiny replica which could be easily lost, misplaced or broken, and cannot use it for any practical use. Unless of course, you are attempting to become a Lego master creator.

If you are way too addicted to the really console, then you can check out the Lego NES Mod, that combines both world into a truly functional Nintendo Entertainment System or the new Portable NES.


6 thoughts on “World’s Smallest NES is Made from Lego

  1. Mark B.

    Is it far too geeky of me to wonder how easy it would be to put a nes emulator on a micro-controller and make it actually work?

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