Google Chrome Tips for Better Use


Google Chrome Browser has been quite successful after its launch even though most people swore no one would give up Firefox. Though Firefox has its obvious advantages of being an Open Source product, Google Chrome is free too, though not much can be changed about the way it has been designed. However, Chrome looks more attractive and comes with a better interface.

Firefox loses where Chrome gains. Web apps do not run fast on Firefox but in Google, they are amazingly zippy. Nevertheless, there are ways you can make your Google Chrome a better browser than it already is. What do you know, you might end up sticking to Chrome and continuing to use it! Let us now see how it can be turned into a better place with a few tips and tricks.

Optimizing and managing tabs


Chrome is multi process browser, which means each tab runs as if it is a separate process. You might wonder then what the point of having tabs is all about. The reason why it was designed so was to make the web apps run faster when you are on a particular tab. If you do not use a number of tabs and are a going to surf just one site at a time, you could alter the tab settings that Chrome comes with. You could click on the ‘single process’ instead of the ‘process per tab’ or ‘process per site’.


If a particular site is being non-responsive, or if a particular tab is hung, you could cancel that particular non-responsive tab instead of shutting down the browser completely. All you would need to do is use the Google Chrome’s Task Manager. Pressing shift and escape would help you access the Task Manager.

Chrome and accessing Stats


Google Chrome provides nerds and site admins with useful stats that could help one optimize the browsing experience or feel all geeky and nerdish. All one needs to do is open the Task Manager and click on ‘Stats for Nerds’ and you could learn which particular browser is using a lot of resources. If you are using just the Chrome, it is of not much use anyway.


You could also check which web page is using more resources using the Resources page. You cannot ask for more stats than this.

Managing your Screen while Using Chrome


If you feel a text box on a certain site is too large and is obstructing text that you are reading, you could just place the cursor at the button right edge and drag to increase or decrease.


Moreover, if you want two sites simultaneously, you could also choose the Chrome Split Browser plugin and view two sites at a single time. Chrome can be amazingly versatile, these tips reveal.

Other tips and tricks


You also have the option of choosing what you want to see on starting Chrome instead of the ‘Most Visited’ that is set as the default. You would need to click on Options and Basic to alter the settings.


You could also drag and drop your downloads from Chrome to any folder of your choice or the Desktop.

These and many other tips can be found here. I would say, using Chrome even if you are comfortable with other browsers would only give you a back up plan if that browser has run into some problems for some reason. Moreover, Chrome has a great interface, and one cannot deny that!


Via: MakeUseOf