Ascii Art Generator for Text Images


You must have received countless emails, text messages and greetings in the form of Ascii art. They are pretty redundant now and it has been many months, or even years that I have received a text message in the form of Ascii.

It is rather surprising how technology changes so fast and with technology many things that are unnoticeable but quite significant also remain forgotten. Ascii art has been quite difficult to create and many had spent hours to create those funny messages. With changing technology, here is an online Ascii art text generator that allows you to create 310 different effects.


The site is pretty simple and all you need to do is enter your text and keep changing the font style until something that appeals to you comes up. The good thing is, you could either download it as an image or just copy it as a raw clipboard text. You could use this Ascii text art generator to create mind boggling number of styles and have fun for a while sending them to your friends and look back upon the days when the whole thing was really big.

When you get sick and tired of generating Ascii text art, you could upload your pic and turn it into Manga using this awesome Manga Face Generator. If you get tired of that as well, try other ways to Use Face Generators. Of course, how could I forget the Funny Face Generator we had written about earlier! Once you are tired of all these faces, you could again come back to the Ascii text generator. Phew!

Via: Techie Souls