Baby iPhone Teething Toy DIY


There are a few things very cherishing about being parents, and one of them is the period when the child starts to teeth. This is the period when the child begins to chew on anything that comes handy or that which is accessible.

You might have caught most of these teething antics on your cellphone, an iPhone to be more precise. Imagine your baby trying to beat the teething itch by trying its skills on your iphone! You certainly would not want your chic Apple cellphone to have teeth marks, would you? When such is your predicament, why not buy an iPhone specially made for teething babies?

Flickr member cjonesgo has created a wooden toy called the iPhoney which is an iPhone replica that a baby can use to chew and bite. The sculpture is not only organic, safe and non toxic, but is also very enjoyable for the baby which would have noticed you playing with your iPhone. The artist took 4 hours to create this cute wooden replica and the baby certainly seems satisfied with the end result!

However, I wonder if the baby’s tender gums would not be hurt by the hardness of the wood used to create the iPhone. Perhaps not, but one thing is for sure. The baby that develops a special liking to this wooden iPhone is surely going to become one of the geekiest of them all. The baby might also want to sleep in a luxurious and chic bed, and the Designer Baby Bedding comes to your rescue in such a case. If you are planning to turn your baby into a geek very early in life, try getting the Kickbee.

Via: GearLog