Geeky Star Wars At At Cake is Sweet


The All Terrain Armoured Transport or the AT-AT is an awesome vehicle from the Star Wars series, as we all know it. The vehicle is one of the most impressive fictitious four-legged walkers I have ever seen. The AT-AT walker has been loved and admired by thousands of fans across the globe and has been the inspiration for many art works.

This time around, someone has been inspired enough to bake a cake that looks like the AT-AT. Shockingly, the cake required about $5,000 to prepare. The cake was prepared for a lucky groom who must have felt like royalty with all the brouhaha around him and around the cake. In fact, the groom might have felt a little ignored thanks to all the attention showered on AT-AT cake.

The cake is made of icing, cake, fondant and the legs are made of wood. I only wish the legs could have been made of chocolate by investing another 1,000 dollars just like a commenter has mentioned. The artists took about 60 hours to paint the cake and build it in order to make it look just like the original walker.

I don’t know and I am not sure if I would like to eat something that is so expensive. I would rather sell it to discerning buyer and be happy with the plum and cherry cake at the bakery down the lane! If you are not satisfied with drooling over AT-AT cake, you could also check out the Rubik’s Cube Cake which is a puzzle in itself. The Hamburger Cake confuses you with your appearance and comes loaded with cholesterol and calories.

Da Clapper Via: Great White Snark