Ravage Transformer USB Flash Drive


It is quite normal to get tired of the boring old USB Flash Memory devices that we come across every other hour. In fact, the influx of flash drives have become so much that it might actually become a ‘done to death’ thing and people would just lose interest in innovative flash drive designs altogether. However, there is this exception in the form of the new Transforming ‘Ravage’ USB Flash Drive.

The Ravage is a cool 2GB flash drive and works like any other. However, the difference is that when you are not using the gadget, it becomes a cool feline figurine, which looks mean enough to pounce upon anyone that comes its way. In fact, the Ravage is almost like a black panther with red gleaming eyes. The toy may come with sharp edges and hence is not recommended for children below the ages of 16. Ravage is compatible with Windows and Mac. It supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 interfaces and thus is quite up to date.

At about 480 mbps, the gadget is pretty fast if you are using USB 2.0. It costs $42.99 and I must say it is more attractive because of its feline character than its usual functionality. Perhaps if the manufacturers come up with really cool designs like this, geeks would not get bored of USB gadgets altogether. If you would still like to check out some cool concepts, try the USB Recycle Bin Flash Drive. The Flash Drive Tie is a zany and ridiculous fashion statement, which might appeal to the weirdos.

Via: Nerd Approved