Tetris Theme Recreated Using Bottles


Russia has given the world Lenin, Communism, Matryoshka Dolls, Vodka, Leo Tolstoy, Hot Lolitas, and what not! They also gave us our beloved Tetris game, which has been done to death by us for more than 2 decades. Tetris game had this incredibly Russian tune, which was very popular all over the world and went by the name “Tetris Song”.

The song is based on an old Russian song and it was later used by Japanese composer Hirokazu Tanaka as a track in the Game boy version of Tetris. The song as said earlier has been done to death but here is a refreshingly geekish ensemble, which will please you a lot.

3 college students have used glass bottles to create the familiar Tetris Song by blowing into them and fast forwarding the recorded version. The result is something that is not only musical but also comical, and in the end they all hide and vanish form the camera, just as fast as the song abruptly ends. Tetris Theme certainly sounds better on glass bottles than on many other instruments.

This could be another indication about the simplicity and beauty of Russian folk music, which is timeless and classic. Here is how you could use this to your benefit. Learn how to play the Tetris theme on bottles or in a more innovative way while you are on a picnic. Make sure you carry the Tetris Blanket to lay on the grass and also carry the Tetris Plates to serve food to yourself and your other nerdish friends.

Via: Geeks Are Sexy