Sigmund Freud Action Figure Brandishes Phallic Cigar


The dirty old man of Psychology is much loved by not only teenage kids trying to learn the hidden meanings of seeing horses and cats in their dreams but also by a wider group of intellectuals and psychologists themselves though they would certainly be in denial. Sigmund Freud helped the world understand mind and mental illness in a way no one could ever have done. Unfortunately he came under heavy criticism from Behaviorists, humanists and other crazed psychologists who chose to ignore the evil and sexual part of human lives and instead attribute everything to learning and motives. How boring!

Freud was the cool dude who explained clearly how we are ruled by our unconscious desires, which are usually sexual in nature. He also revealed how mind works on the basis of life energy and death energy, mostly death energy or the Thanatos being the most predominant. All this stress to the darker side of humanity and the importance he gave to human sexuality was frowned upon by neo-Victorians like Behaviorists who chose to make Psychology a perfect science sans sex. Perhaps they succeed too, but Psychodynamic school of psychology has always been the most loved and also most entertaining of them all!

Here is a cool Sigmund Freud Figurine, which stands 5 inches tall and is made of hard vinyl. This action figure exposes Sigmund in a questionable situation where he holds a distinctly phallic cigar. Perhaps, he saw too many phallic symbols in his own dreams and thus concentrated on such themes like ‘Penis Envy’, ‘Castration Anxiety’ and the like. If you would like to discover the dark forces that control your mind, and the intense id force that drives you to do what you do, psychoanalyze yourself by keeping this cool action figure on your desk. Perhaps the Sigmund Freud figure would reveal many dark secrets about yourself at just $9.99. Now who needs shrinks anyway!

If you are tired of psychoanalyzing yourself and instead would like to ask people “Why so serious”, get yourself the Joker Action Figure.