Darth Vader Piggy Bank Star Wars Collector’s Toy


If Star Wars fans have any money left after all the collectibles, movies and games created for the Star Wars saga, then here is a cool piggy bank, I mean bust bank with the Sith lord Darth Vader to watch over your money.

The cool bust bank starring Darth Vader as its guard is actually an inexpensive way to keep your change secured…right next to all your other Star Wars geeky toys. Vader’s pose is threatening as always, and with the light saber out already, it will definitely keep intruders and rebels within a distance.

Along with the so many other Star Wars toys, this is a real find, for it is only $14.99 at ThinkGeek.com and small enough to be placed anywhere within eyesight…as to make sure other fans won’t steal the entire bank.